Vitamin Supplements...
Missing Key to Your Health and Well-being?

"If an apple a day keeps the doctor away," can vitamin supplements keep chronic disease at bay? More and more, the answer to that question turns out to be yes! Today the healthy rewards of daily, long-term use of vitamin supplements is strongly supported by extensive science. Thats now the consensus of many experts in the field.

For example, commenting on diet and reducing the risk of chronic disease, Harvard physicians Drs. Kathleen Fairfield and Robert Fletcher said,

"Most people donot consume an optimal amount of all vitamins by diet alone. appears prudent for all adults to take vitamin supplements."

Journal of the American Medical Association

Drs. William Wills and Meinr Stampher, also Harvard physicians, conclude a daily multi-vitamin:

"makes sense for most adults"

New England Journal of Medicine

The Council for Responsible Nutrition echoes these ideas:

"The regular use of multivitamins and a few other nutritional supplements can measurably improve the nutritional status and lifelong health of the American public. Virtually everyone would be helped by a rational program of supplementation and its never too late to begin"

Council for Responsible Nutrition

Gain New Insight ...
Protect Yourself from Disease

Its true, today new research on age-old human diseases revolutionizing our understanding human health, longevity and the importance of vitamin supplements. What we are learning is fascinating...

Most quick acting, single vitamin deficiency diseases like scurvy (vitamin C deficiency), beriberi (thiamin deficiency), and pellagra (niacin deficiency) were wiped out decades ago in most western civilizations by fortification of food with vitamins and minerals.

In sharp contrast, the explosion of crippling and killer diseases, now pandemic in our society, is strongly linked to long-term, suboptimal intake of multiple key vitamins and minerals. These are the long term latency diseases like heart disease, many types of cancer, osteoporosis, arthritis, etc. And the most heinous fact?

They are initially "silent" diseases. By the time of actual clinical diagnosis, the disease has usually been silently eroding your health at the cellular or subcellular level for years... way below your radar screen of detection.

Why risk your health to these completely avoidable conditions? Chronic degenerative conditions are incredible drains on your life and resources. Aside from the heartache and grief, medical management of chronic degenerative diseases is costly. Today, there is just no reason to be victimized by poor nutritional status.

Experience Powerful Health Benefits
For Your Life

Life-rewarding health is well within your grasp. Moderate exercise, a diet with fewer processed foods (if you don't see some of the original grain structure - its processed), less saturated fat and high quality vitamin supplements can give you greater health and freedom to really enjoy life. You'll be able to better focus on that which is really important to you. Isn't that what you really want?

Regardless of your age or current health, you can benefit with a rational program of vitamin supplements with minerals.

High quality vitamin supplements and minerals are actually safe, effective insurance polices... and they safeguard you against vitamin deficiency. Just as "good preventative maintenance" keeps a fine automobile well tuned, vitamin supplements gives your body the edge to ward off crippling and killer diseases, fight infection and maintain optimal health - well into your golden years.

Vitamin supplements can make a huge improvement in your quality of life. Lets take a closer look at some of those benefits. Here are just a few:

Vitamin Supplements Fill in Nutrient Gaps - How Many of us Consistently Eat a Well Balanced Diet, or the Recommended Daily Servings of Fresh Fruits and Vegetables?

Protect Your Health by Helping Prevent Disease and Maintaining Optimal Health.

Support Improved Performance of Your Body.Vitamins and minerals "catalyze" or speed-up the complex biochemical reactions in your body (metabolism), giving you the energy you need to perform more efficiently.

Function as Restorative or Nutritional Therapy Pre-Existing Conditions Like Cardiovascular Disease, Osteoarthritis, Diabetes, etc. can respond favorably with therapeutic levels of vitamins and minerals.

Reduce Your Dependence on Medications and Healthcare Costs - Wouldn't you Like more Independence and Enjoy Greater Freedom From the Skyrocketing Costs of Healthcare?

These benefits are realistic goals, but it takes your commitment to long-term, daily supplementation to see benefits. Vitamin supplements are not drugs and they don't work overnight, but they will put your body in a position to effectively, heal itself. This is now well established fact. Begin your remarkable journey to optimal health today.