Mineral Supplements...
Do You Really Need Them?

How important are mineral supplements anyway? After all, isn't a well-balanced diet all I need to be healthy? If that assumption is true, it seems many of us fall far short of that goal...

Today, numerous studies now reveal many Americans are not even meeting the RDA (recommended dietary allowance) or most basic health requirements for several key nutrients.

For example, the Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (I and II), Ten State Nutrition Survey and USDA nationwide food consumption studies reveal fully 80% of certain age groups are deficient in certain nutrients and at least 50% of Americans have marginal nutritional deficiencies. Can a "marginal" deficiency really be that serious?

The short answer - yes, very serious. Here is why...

The Silent Threat Today...
Marginal Mineral Deficiencies

Marginal deficiencies are a real threat to your health... thats because these "subclinical" or undetectable deficiencies are not severe enough to produce obvious deficiency symptoms in the early stages.

The very danger is their silent nature... your body simply gives you no warning signs to heed. Marginal deficiencies erode your health over many years... quietly doing their damage way below your radar screen of detection. By the time marginal deficiencies surface, chronic disease is often the clinical outcome.

Is it really any wonder why chronic degenerative diseases like osteoporosis, heart disease, cancer , etc. are so common? These are the silent killers today.

Protect Yourself,
Protect Your Future
Mineral Supplements are Key

The secret to Your health is this... long term, life-rewarding health is achieved by proper nutrition and requires large varieties of nutrients working together. Minerals and mineral supplements are a big part of that picture. Mineral supplements eliminate dangerous deficiencies and maximize performance of your body. Heres how they can help you enjoy the best health of your life...

Experience Powerful Benefits
With Mineral Supplements...

Mineral Supplements Help Regulate
All Metabolic Reactions in Your Body

Minerals are key to metabolism... the remarkable "chemistry of life". Metabolism intertwines every aspect of your being - from the chemistry of muscle contraction to brain function, energy production, immune health and everything in-between. Every biological function you can imagine involves metabolic chemistry.

Your metabolic chemistry is regulated by enzymes. Enzymes are large biological macromolecules that dramatically accelerate or "catalyze" the pace of biochemical reactions. Minerals are essential components of enzymes and are required for enzymatic function.

"Without minerals, enzymes simply fail to function"

For example, the enzyme that activates vitamin A for the visual process requires the mineral zinc as an enzymatic cofactor. Without zinc, the enzyme is unable to convert vitamin A to its active form. The disease associated with this deficiency is called "night blindness" and is characterized by the inability to see following a flash of bright light at night or see after the lights go out.

Re-supplying your body with supplemental zinc restores the biological activity of the enzyme and may reverse the effects of night blindness.

Avoid the Heartache and Grief
of Long-term Mineral Deficiencies

Long-term mineral deficiencies are devastating... causing a destructive cascade of events, beginning with progressive enzyme failure of cellular and subcellular systems - ultimately extending to entire organ systems when full blown. Disease is often the final clinical outcome of long-term mineral deficiencies.

And the good news? Most chronic degenerative diseases are completely avoidable!

Enter mineral supplements...

Mineral Supplements Maximize
Physiological Performance
of Your Body

High quality mineral supplements are designed to supply enzymes with optimal levels of the full spectrum of all essential minerals. This achieves a couple major objectives:

1) Optimal mineral supplementation eliminates silent, subclinical deficiencies that cause enzyme dysfunction and progress to chronic degenerative diseases.

2) Supplying enzymes with their essential minerals optimizes enzymatic efficiency. This significantly improves biochemical reactions and metabolic rate within target tissues, ensuring maximum physiological performance of your body.

Now you can really enjoy life to your fullest potential!

Because when your body performs at its best, you'll have greater freedom to pursue your personal and professional goals. Relate to the people in your life better. Enjoy more satisfying interpersonal relationships and freedom from unpleasant nutritional imbalance. Isn't that what you really want?

Mineral Supplements
Help Generate Energy
And Activity Levels

As part of minerals overall role in metabolism, minerals are closely involved in the generation of energy. Here is how they do it...

Minerals are not energy sources, but help transform food into energy. Once again, as essential cofactors of enzymes, minerals assist enzymes breaking down food like carbohydrates and fat into simple subunits. This releases energy - energy for physiological functions and everyday activities you enjoy.

Without minerals, the conversion of food into energy would be impossible.

Mineral Supplements Support
Growth and Maintenance
of Your Body

Finally, growth and maintenance of hard and soft tissues also requires many minerals. In fact, we all literally walk on our calcium reserve for support - the skeleton! Calcium, phosphorous and magnesium are essential for hardness of bone and teeth, while phosphorous, silicon, zinc and magnesium are important substituents of soft tissues

Mineral supplementation is really a form of "enzymatic therapy"... making sure enzymes function in your body as they are suppose to.

What should you Look for
in a Mineral Supplement?

When looking for a high quality mineral supplement, consider bio-availability. Simple ingestion of a mineral doesn't guarantee you will absorb the mineral into your bloodstream and benefit from it. The actual absorption or "bio-availability" of a mineral depends on several factors...

1) Is the mineral provided as a "mineral salt" such as zinc chloride or is it provided in a more absorbable form called a "mineral chelate". Chelated minerals are much more bio-available, resulting in greater absorption and potential benefit to your body.

2) Proper balance - The ratio of one mineral to another is extremely important because different minerals actually "compete" for limited absorption sites in the intestine. If one mineral is provided in excess or out of balance, it can out-compete other minerals for available absorption sites and actually cause deficiency. Chelated minerals are the safest form of minerals because they avoid mineral competitions.